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What happens when you mix OkCupid & Airbnb?

What happens when you mix OkCupid & Airbnb?
Baz Hart
  • On November 29, 2013

Apart from having the latest approach, the recently launched site Loveroom, is a new generation dating site; the love child of OkCupid and Airbnb.

Introduced a couple of weeks ago from writing, this dating site has become the talk of single men the world over. The site is intended to help the arrangement of housing people who have no place to stay. This will then aid those people with free accommodation, but the ONLY people who can access the humble abodes of this community MUST be good-looking as announced by the dating site. This huge platform welcomes all singles throughout the world to their living spaces, provided they should be stunning, attractive and gorgeous.

good looking people dating siteHaving no affiliation with any other recognised brands, Loveroom is quite concerned about attractiveness indeed, but its still all about security as well. In fact, they’ve formulated a few guidelines for potential tenants. One pointer being the fact that you should always ensure your host is an actual hottie lol.

No surprises there, the site also enquires if you like having a shower, a hot bath or a desirous preference on hardwood or carpets. The overall idea is to let prospects determine whether your preferences are one the same hanky-pank wavelength as theirs.

Well, you can obviously upload photos, add your friends, and deliver your private messages to find some better options for your future host or guest, but it all centres around what many other dating sites often pretend to avoid.

the ONLY people who can access the humble abodes of this community MUST be good-looking

Meanwhile, the site has already received 41 members (since I last checked) who have signed on the date of its launching. Founder, Josh Bocanegra is quite positive about the site’s future success, whilst the site ensures that if everything runs on its own way, people may find Loveroom more decorated and equipped by Valentine’s Day 2014. The site requests its prospective members to enquire and question lots in order to have a hesitation free conversation about your host/guest.

dating site

I’m a little iffy on the details but like most other dating sites, you’re going to obviously need to make sure that your host would be maintaining the required privacy within community guidelines. Until you meet your guest or host, you are also required by the site not to provide your personal phone number or email address or any other information. The site finally, requests you to make use of the LoveRoom Messaging system website to communicate with others.

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