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Ten Superb Skala Views – Norway

Ten Superb Skala Views – Norway
Baz Hart
  • On December 20, 2013

Being recognised as one of the top stretched uphill slopes, hiking on the ranges of Skala of Norway can take your breath away.

The beauty of the track

If you are one of those who enjoy adventurous mountaineering, the tracks of Skala can make you question the existence of a divine being while its breathtaking views at some special points will make you think, “screw this, I’m going to stay here and start a family of happy nature people”.

skala views
Slanted hilly slopes

You will feel that tracks of Skala are pretty steep and quite different from many other ranges over the world. As you round and climb up, the surrounded slanted hilly slopes, glacier-carved mountains and magnificent waterfalls will be the hiking companion you’ve always searched for.

Chasing waterfalls

Just as you commence tracking, within a few kilometres you will find a massive waterfall. The incredible views of water spurts and its majestic slow-mo-esque flow will leave you amazed. This is a unique place where you can have a small break with your crew, get energised by taking a sip of its water and bask in the ambience.

“The incredible views of water spurts and its majestic slow-mo-esque flow will leave you amazed”

The landscape

As you track above 4 Km, keep your eyes open to see the sliding landscapes and the beauty of afternoon clouds if you happen to be around at this time.

Skala landscape

The township

Town-NorwayThe township is an exclusive landscape, from where your trail begins. Its tiny head rises among the mountains and the sea, while you find the clouds to wander over the sky and over mountain hills.

Transition zone

As you transit above, the temperature falls, the air becomes thin and calm. View the glorious heads of the hills on your way over.

The streams

While you do need to stop every so often, the little treasures of Skala comes on view. You will find the tiny streams coming down the rocks with tremendous force and sometimes trickling. These are the best times to rehydrate yourself.

The stormy wind

Experiencing a stormy wind at this height is likely to be an epic lifetime experience. But you don’t have to wait for such a crashing breeze at Skala, as you cross the point over 1200 meters above, you better have your chapstick handy.

The apex point

Finally, when you are greeted by the peaks at the top, the panoramic sights hug you like an ambient giant. From dusk till dawn this view is perfect whenever.

skala norway view

Sunset point

If you are experienced in viewing sunsets in different places over the world, now explore the distinction at Skala.

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