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Escape the Room Major Success in New York

June 23, 2014 |

Escape The Room has generated quite a bit of a buzz in New York recently owing to a large number of participants.

This is a company that introduced a game concept that has been gaining in popularity in cities all … Read More

What You Don’t Know About Slovakia’s Castle History

May 23, 2014 |

When people hear mention of Slovakia, they may think about Czechoslovakia, or Russia.

Many people are unaware that Slovakia is a separate democratic nation. Slovakia is a beautiful country, with many great places to visit. One of the most popular … Read More

Famous Iceland Cave Tours

May 23, 2014 |

Dotted with geysers, waterfalls, glaciers as well as mud pools, Iceland is a perfect destination for curious and awe-thirsty people.

However, the choices don’t end here as this country also offers amazing cave touring experiences to its admirers.

“During this … Read More

Visiting Hungary? Read This First.

April 28, 2014 |

Hungary is a beautiful yet dense country with a population of nearly 10 million inhabitants in an area close to the size of the U. S. state of Maine.

Budapest, its Capital, is home to 1.7 million Hungarians, but don’t … Read More

The Health Benefits of Scuba Diving

March 3, 2014 |

Scuba divers are often told that diving is a dangerous sport.

Of course, there are risks associated with scuba diving, but there are also several health benefits involved with this risky endeavour.

“The change in scenery activates the feelings of … Read More

Discount Airfair Sites You Can’t Afford To Ignore

February 6, 2014 |

So you forget about that last minute dash to that end-of-the-world meeting…

You can somehow convince yourself that there was nothing else you could do. What about the time you were planning for a trip to an exotic location with … Read More

How a Man Saw 201 Countries Without Flying… [On a Budget]

January 27, 2014 |

The first thought that strikes any mind when it comes to travelling is expense.

But, the fact is that if you are determined you can travel across the world without making it expensive. And this has been proven by 33 … Read More

Eating Well in Europe

December 28, 2013 |

All set for a trip to Europe? Thought about what you’re going to eat?

Besides accommodation, the next thing that you need to focus on is food. When you travel, you need to be very careful about what you eat. … Read More

Ten Superb Skala Views – Norway

December 20, 2013 |

Being recognised as one of the top stretched uphill slopes, hiking on the ranges of Skala of Norway can take your breath away.

The beauty of the track

If you are one of those who enjoy … Read More

What happens when you mix OkCupid & Airbnb?

November 29, 2013 |

Apart from having the latest approach, the recently launched site Loveroom, is a new generation dating site; the love child of OkCupid and Airbnb.

Introduced a couple of weeks ago from writing, this dating site has become the talk of … Read More