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Cheap Fun in the Costa Rica Wet Season

Cheap Fun in the Costa Rica Wet Season
Harry Patchett

You’re in Costa Rica during the wet season. There aren’t a great number of travellers around and your Spanish isn’t that great.

“This country is more expensive than you thought. You’re sick of the American priced alcohol draining your budget. You need a break from it all and here it is” – Jaco.

A two-hour bus ride from the city of San Jose you can find free drinks Friday through Sunday in a town called Jaco. A bar called Space in the middle of town is where the action takes place. Along with your drinks Jaco offers Pacific coastal beach action – surfing, swimming and all of the above.

The major nightclub in Jaco is Space. This is where the free drinks run Friday through Sunday. Unlike everywhere else in the world the free drink rule applies to both females and males. It’s a two-room venue that, for obvious reasons, fills up fast.

bohioSpace hosts a mix of travellers from Canada, Australia, America and Europe. There is an abundance of fun to be had. The free spirit enjoyment time runs 9pm – 1am. Bartenders are friendly and quick with the re-pour. They work for tips and every sign of appreciation is returned with smiles and more drinks.

So Jaco is the weekend out of the city you need. It is a simple place to get along with. There is one main street lined with surf outlets, restaurants and bars. It’s the low season for travellers, which means cheaper deals but fewer people. If you like to meet fellow travellers, more easily, book a room at a local hostel. There are several scattered along the main street, rooms generally cost $10 a night.

Located behind Papas and Burgers Art Café is the hostel Beds on Bohio. The hostel area is all green grass, hammocks and palm trees. This hostel is 50m from a surf beach and also in the middle of town. On the streets it can get hot without any sea breeze so it’s perfectly acceptable to wear very little clothing.