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What to do with a Day in Singapore

November 22, 2013 |

Singapore Changi Airport hasn’t won 430 awards since 1981 (including 30 ‘Best’ awards in 2012) for nothing.

Where else can you find foot massage chairs, baby care rooms, quiet sleeping areas and communication centre, all for free, of course? Not … Read More

Cheap Fun in the Costa Rica Wet Season

November 4, 2013 |

You’re in Costa Rica during the wet season. There aren’t a great number of travellers around and your Spanish isn’t that great.

“This country is more expensive than you thought. You’re sick of the American priced alcohol draining your budget. … Read More

Tokyo Exists So The 1st World Can Live Comfortably

September 24, 2013 |

So I recently went to Tokyo and the insights I came back with may not sit well with some people.

As any seasoned traveller can tell you, the journey is what you make of it. And as we are all … Read More

Party Europe Through The Eyes Of A Drunk

April 29, 2013 |

Truth is, you can party Europe anywhere you want. We’re talking any city, any town, any dude’s barn.

We decided to ask Jimbo. 21 years of age, landscaper by day, larrikin by night and hails from Ohio, AMERICA!. Why did … Read More